Mariesah and Eric

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How We Met

People say that love finds you in the most unexpected way. In my case, I would have to say my love story definitely did not happen the way I expected it to. It was a beautiful night in September 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley. I was out with some girl friends enjoying all the festivities that a new school year brings when in a hallway some guy shouted that he knew knew us from the gymnastics team. He was right, we were on the women’s gymnastics team but my girl friends and I had no idea who this guy and his friends were. After some some talk we learned his name was Eric and he was on the Men’s Golf team. We apparently had morning weight class at the same time. Who knew?! I know I wasn’t paying attention to the other team at 6am but I’m certainly glad he was! We had so much in common and enjoyed being in each other’s company so much that we eventually would eat dinner at the dining halls, study together, and take similar classes just to be together more often. We became an official couple in April 2010. I never would’ve thought that during my freshman year of college I would find my forever love in a hallway filled with hundreds of people.

how they asked

At the time, Eric and I were living in Dallas, Texas. His friend, Andrew and his brother Cameron were flying in to visit us. I had been thinking all day of things to do during their time in Dallas. Andrew had mentioned that he really wanted to go to Reunion Tower and look out from the Observation Deck. Andrew lives in Seattle and he wanted to compare it to the Space Needle. Of course I was so excited because I had never been. The four of us ordered an Uber that evening and we were on our way! We were all excited but for different reasons. When we arrived to Reunion Tower, Eric was complaining about his fear of heights so he didn’t want to go onto the observation deck so Andrew and I went out and enjoyed the fantastic views. I was taking pictures of the Dallas skyline when I hear Eric’s voice. He said, “Mariesah I have to ask you something”. Typical me ignored him because we were circling around to this lighted green building and I didn’t want to wait to circle around again to get my picture. He repeated the question so I obliged. I found Eric on one knee saying, “Mariesah, with both our families here to witness, will you marry me?” I was completely shocked. I quickly said YES and I heard a lot of shouting. I turned and found both my family and his parents clapping and snapping pictures. I ran to them in excitement before even taking one glance at my ring! Eventually I realized there was supposed to be a pretty diamond on my left hand went back to my fiancée for his loving embrace and new engagement ring. This whole time I thought he was too scared to come out onto the Observation Deck but instead he was finishing last minute details of his proposal! I could not have asked for a more special moment, to have those closest to us share in that magical moment was exactly how we wanted this to take place. July 29, 2016 was one of the best days of my life!

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