Mariel and Sebastian | San Francisco Proposal

photo 16How Wet Met: Sebastian and I met almost 5 years to the day he asked me to marry him. I went on a trip to LA to visit one of my friends who moved down there. We went out to one of the clubs and I met Sebastian through a boyfriend of a friend.

After a few drinks too many…the rest was history!

We maintained a long distance relationship for a year and a half until Sebastian moved up to San Francisco.

I believe the distance was actually helpful in growing and strengthening our relationship. We talked every day and got to know each other really well. We also made the most of our situation, doing a lot of little trips here and there.

how they asked: It was a very beautiful day in San Francisco. We had plans to have lunch with my family that Sunday, as we usually do. Since we had planned to meet in the city, Sebastian said that he wanted to check out the lighthouse up in the Marin Headlands. He’d been wanting to go there for a while, so I thought nothing of it.

Sebastian said that he wanted to walk a little further to see if there was a trail we could walk through. I stayed by the cliffside to enjoy the breathtaking view.

photo 5

When I looked back at him, I freaked out because I saw a creepy guy just suddenly drop down on the ground the moment he saw me see him and was hiding in the bushes. We were practically IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE so I panicked. I voiced my concern to Sebastian and he brushed it off saying that the guy was most likely just taking photos of the “wildlife”. Which is where panic #2 comes in :-). I said, “What wildlife? You mean snakes??” I started to walk away and Sebastian pulled me to him and said he wanted to just look at the view a bit longer. Next thing I knew, he had started to give a very heartfelt speech and when I turned around, he was on his knee!

photo 3

I was shocked and totally didn’t see it coming. As he was proposing, I still didn’t believe that it was actually happening. The ring got stuck in his jacket, so there was no real evidence — I thought he was just pulling my leg. In the corner of my eye, I saw the “creepy guy” approaching and told Sebastian that we should leave right now! Sebastian said, “Calm down! That is my co-worker and he’s taking photos because I AM ACTUALLY PROPOSING!” LOL

san francisco proposal

Of course, it finally hit me — tears started falling and I said yes.

photo 15

Everyone’s reaction to the proposal is “FINALLY,” and “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” but I actually disagree. As Sebastian usually does, he takes his time and waits for the perfect moment and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

photo 13

The day was perfectly imperfect. There were a a couple mishaps, sweet gestures and a lot of laughs – just the best embodiment of how our relationship has been and I couldn’t be more excited to soon be marrying my perfect match!

photo 4