Mariel and Parker

Image 1 of Mariel and Parker

How We Met: Parker Mays and I met at Ohio State University. About 9 of us girls were celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday that night. Cazuelas, a small Mexican restaurant with awesome margaritas, was apparently the place to be. We had been there for about a couple of hours when Parker, his friends, AND his entire family walked in to enjoy some margaritas as well. It’s a small restaurant that our tables were basically turned into one big party.

My girlfriends and I actually first noticed his mom, Laurie. We were all so shocked at how beautiful she was! Being a group of college girls, we forced her into taking pictures with us and take some tequila shots. It was such a blast that we asked asked them all to go out with us the rest of the night.

Laurie never made it out, but according to Parker, his goal was to meet me. And I sure am one lucky girl because of his determination.

how they asked: Parker and I had just moved in together on Monday, June 8th, 2015. We always knew we would live in Dayton, Ohio, due to his family business. We left for Charleston, South Carolina, with our friends, Melody, and Buddy, that Wednesday afternoon. It was a much needed vacation for such a hectic couple of days!

We knew our Friday night plans were to meet my cousins for some dinner and drinks out on King Street. That Friday morning, Melody started saying that she wanted to go to Sullivan’s Island for “dinner by the beach”. I was NOT into the idea of changing our original plans because Sullivan’s Island is 20 minutes away from King Street. Parker finally pulled me aside after a long day at the beach and said, “Let’s do what Melody wants because it’s her vacation, too.”
Unhappy about the plans, Melody had to force me to get dressed up for “dinner”. My cousins arrived at the house we were renting, and we ordered an uber shortly after. Before I knew it, we were driving passed all the restaurant in Sullivan’s Island! Our uber driver dropped us off by the lighthouse because Melody said she wanted to take pictures with Buddy. “Hanger” was a real emotion by then.
Everyone suggested that Parker and I take pictures by the lighthouse, too. He seemed excited to do so. I was standing there, smiling and trying to make sure my dress wouldn’t fly away because it was so windy. Parker walked away to give his phone to Melody to “see if his would have better lighting”. Little did I know that she had the ring the entire night. He came walking back towards me, and I was still oblivious. I finally looked down when he stopped in front of me instead of next to me. There in his left hand was the ring box! I immediately started crying in disbelief that I couldn’t even see the ring when he got down on one knee!
It was the most absolute perfect surprise to such a fun and memorable vacation.