Mariea and Jonah

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cancun Mexico

How We Met

Jonah and I met the summer before our freshmen year of high school through a mutual friend. We started talking in June and then he asked me out on his 15th birthday (August 6th). Being so young my parents would not have normally allowed me to date. However, May 2nd (The month before I met Jonah) my older brother passed away. My family and I were in an unbelievably painful place. But then Jonah came along, despite only being 15 he cared for me better than I could have ever imagined. He brought a light back into my life when it seemed so dark. Considering how happy he made me in the midst of grieving my parents allowed me to date. Even though we didn’t know it then, I was able to start dating the guy who would turn out to be my best friend, high school sweetheart and the man I would eventually marry.

how they asked

Jonah and I went on a vacation to Cancun for our five year anniversary this past August. The day of was wonderful, nothing that would hint what was to come but just an all around good day. That evening we planned on going to the nicest restaurant on the resort to celebrate. After getting ready for dinner Jonah insisted that we take a walk along the beach before dinner and take some photos by the water. Considering he knows how much I love photos I didn’t think much of it. We walked for a little bit until we came across a photographer taking photos of another couple. Jonah thought it would be fun if we could have the photographer take a few pictures of us. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t want him disrupting their session, little did I know it was all planned.

The photographer agreed. A few photos were taken but next thing I know Jonah is stepping away and getting on to one knee. I wish I could remember everything he said but I honestly was crying too hard to hear.


Once I heard that magical question and I was able to say yes I couldn’t imagine the night getting any better! But, right afterwards he lead me to a spot on the beach which had a beautiful private dinner waiting for us. The whole time I kept thinking it was a dream and I’d wake up eventually!