Marie and Zachary

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How We Met

Zach and I are both music teachers and met through a mutual friend at a concert. It turns out we had more in common than simply music – we had both been baptized by the same priest at the same church only two weeks apart! We maintained communication after the concert and realized we were both running the same 5k a few weeks away. Despite the hour-and-a-half distance between us, we began going on dates when we could. I knew this could be something more when he drove to see me in the middle of the night just to be able to spend a few short hours with me.

how they asked

One of our first few dates was in the town of Annapolis, MD. We spent the day eating, exploring, and taking in the sights of the nautical town. Towards the end of the date, we took a boat ride around the harbor. It was on the boat ride that Zach expressed his sentiments, and we decided to be exclusive with each other.

Flash forward three years later – it was a beautiful April day, and Zach mentioned that he wanted to go to Annapolis to soak up and enjoy the weather. He suggested that I wear a dress because we planned to eat dinner at his parents afterwards as a pre-Easter celebration. So…we ventured off to Annapolis.

The day was casual and seemingly normal, at least to me. We walked around the city, went into some shops, drank coffee, etc. As we approached the harbor area and saw the tourist boat we had ridden three years prior, Zach suggested we once again go on the boat ride around the city. Although I was hesitant at first, I thought it would be fun to reminisce.

Once on the boat, I noticed Zach was being a little sentimental, but I assumed that was due to the nostalgia associated with riding the boat three years ago. Zach brought up the original boat ride and the conversations we had had because after all, this was where the whole relationship began! Zach then took my hand, and started moving…to the floor…on one knee! His words were “It was on this boat that I asked you to be my girlfriend, and it is on this boat that I am going to ask you to be my wife.” I was in such shock that I did not even say yes at first! After a few “what’s!” I agreed.

The captain announced our engagement, and we were treated to champagne. Little did I know, he asked me to dress up because he had a fancy dinner with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law planned back at a restaurant near his parents house. We celebrated the evening away with lots of love, food, family, and champagne.

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Special Thanks

Brittany Custer
 | Photographer