Marie and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met back in February of 2014 on the dating app “Plenty of Fish”. We both, more or less, were on the dating app “just to see” what would come of it. Little did we know we would be meeting and falling in love with our future spouses! Tyler messaged me first, after “scrolling past me several times”. Apparently I wasn’t his type, which is kind of funny because he isn’t my type either! The very first thing he ever said to me was “to think I didn’t message you before”. We talked for a few days through the app about the cliche “getting to know someone” convo… but it just seemed right (and different) talking to each other. I remember a couple times we both would ask the same question at the exact same time, or make very similar comments at the exact same time. One of those questions actually being “… so, can I have your phone number?” We had our first date on Thursday, March 4th (yes, I remember the day of the week because it was karaoke night!) at Salsas Mexican Restaurant in Newport News, VA. My first impression of him was “HE’S CUTE”, and I remember hoping he thought the same about me. We sat up at the bar, ordered guacamole and drinks, and the next thing I knew we were lost in conversation. The night took a fun and interesting turn because I got to meet his sister and brother in law who happened to be there. I even ended up singing Karaoke with her to the Spice Girls! (I think this won brownie points with Tyler). To end the date, Tyler walked me to my car and he leaned in for a first kiss. I gave him a peck, and as he leaned in for another… I back up and said “Nope! That’s all you get for now!” I think this may have surprised him, but in a good way. We went our separate ways, but only 10 minutes later I received a text from him that said “I need to calm down, because I am really excited about this.” — I knew at that point, that this had great potential to turn into something magical. I would say that it did!

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how they asked

Tyler asked me to be his wife in the most fairy tale kind of way that would make any women feel like a princess or queen. I am STILL on cloud nine from the entire experience. It all started when his sister, Michelle, asked me if I wanted to do a girls dinner with her and their mom for her “early birthday celebration”.

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I, of course, said yes because it was located at a nice wine bar in Norfolk, and I LOVE wine!

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The dinner went smoothly, and afterwards we were headed downstairs for dessert. Well, as I’m looking over the balcony I see a horse carriage and I say to Janene (my future mother in law) “AWWW look at that … isn’t that so sweet???” — little did I know, it was for ME! We walked down the escalator, and to my surprise I see my little sister standing outside the carriage.

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I immediately turned to Michelle and Janene and said “WHAT is this !?!?” They told me to go outside, so I proceeded out only to find my grandmother INSIDE the carriage! Which was such a wonderful surprise, because she helped raise me and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for her. I climbed inside, and my little sister gave me a booklet, which had a letter from Tyler in it. I was instructed to read it aloud, and as I did the carriage pulled off. We were on our way to find my prince charming! (Mind you that there is a go pro recording everything, photographers following us, AND a drone overhead taking pictures!)

As we pull up to the area where he was, I see family members, friends, and even best friends from out of town! Talk about waterworks. It was located on the water, with the sunset in the background. As the carriage pulled up, our song was playing in the background and there were almost all of my best friends standing there.

Each of them held a canvas that was painted by one of our friends. It was the setting of where this was all happening, and it stated “there’s no place I’d rather be”… which is the chorus of our song.

I look up to see a red carpet rolled out, with rose petals placed neatly on the ground in the shape of a heart. There stood my prince, and I walked out to him (giggling and smiling the entire time!). He told me how much he loved me, and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife [but not before making a cute joke to keep me laughing].

I said yes, and then realized that all of my family and friends were off to the side cheering and smiling us on. It was, so far,the BEST day of my life! Afterwards we went to Grain, a restaurant in Norfolk, and celebrated the night away. One of our family friends was kind enough to get us a room, where we stayed our first night as each others fiance!

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