Marie and Rickey

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grandparent's home

How We Met

We met two years ago at church. I sang in the choir and he was hired as our new percussionist.

how they asked

He proposed on New year’s Day at my grandparent’s place. The entire family was gathered for the first Sunday dinner of the new year. I arrived as usual with nothing in mind. He told me he would meet me there, because we had driven to church in separate vehicles. In the midst of greeting my entire family (some I hadn’t seen in months) my aunt walked up and attempted to blindfold me. Unaware of what was going on, I immediately reluctantly swatted her away with laughs until she insisted that I cooperated. I finally allowed her to do so and take me on what seemed to be the longest walk of my life. I was super nervous as I was expecting the hugest prank of a lifetime. Once we finally came to a stop, she slid my blindfold off revealing the love of my life on one knee holding a ring and a brand new car with a big red bow all for me. He then asked me in the softest and most sincere voice to be his wife. Needless to say, tears were shed and I am now the happiest girl alive planning a wedding! What girl doesn’t want to flaunt her diamond while driving a 2016 Mercedes!

Marie's Proposal in Grandparent's home