Marie and Pascal

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How We Met

In March 2019, I flew to Zurich, Switzerland to visit my best friend, Jess, who was living there for a 6-month work assignment. The day I landed she encouraged me to download Tinder after not dating for several months. After much convincing, I downloaded the app and began swiping.

The next day (Sunday) I matched with my future fiance, Pascal. By then, I was getting on a plane to spend the week in Portugal with Jess. We briefly chatted throughout the week and decided to meet when I returned to Zurich on that Friday. I was nervous the whole day and last minute told him that my friends would be joining us to meet at a bar inside the Zurich main station.

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Pascal turned out to be very easy to talk to and we had an instant connection. We stayed out until almost 2 am before I had to get a few hours of sleep to go snowboarding by myself the next day. We made plans for him to meet me and my friends for dinner on Saturday, which was my last night in Zurich before heading home to the States. Again, we stayed out late just the two of us talking by the river and drinking beers. I kept thinking “It’s so sad that I will probably never see him again because it is all so romantic.”

I will never forget the look on his face when we had to say goodbye. His eyes did not leave mine until my train pulled away. We kept in touch via texting then after a few weeks we decided to start FaceTiming. We talked multiple times a day and decided we needed to see eachother again. 2 1/2 months after we met for the first time we met in the Dominican Republic for a week. While many people thought I was crazy for essentially meeting a stranger in a foreign country for a week, I knew there was something different about our relationship. When we saw each other at the airport in Punta Cana it was as if no time had passed. The third day into our trip we said ‘I Love You’ and knew we had found the one.

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Fast forward, I have been back to Switzerland to visit several times, he has been to my home in Washington, DC and met my family in California, we spent Thanksgiving in Ireland, and after being apart for 6 months during Covid we were finally able to meet in Croatia!

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How They Asked

We had multiple trips to see each other canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. We had gone ring shopping when I was last in Switzerland in February and was *patiently* waiting for his proposal.

Finally, we were able to book a trip to meet in Croatia for two weeks. On the fourth day of the trip we went toured a national park then hurriedly got ready for a wine tasting tour in the evening. Since I had a good idea that the proposal would happen during this trip, I was not surprised to see the outline of the ring box in his shorts pocket.

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I was so nervous. Not like scared nervous, but you know the feeling when you know something is going to jump out at you, but you don’t know when? That feeling. I knew I needed to get to the winery ASAP and have a few glasses of wine to relax and try to forget what was coming.

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When we got to the vineyard, which overlooked the port of Split, we were served a bottle of Rose while we learned about the winemaker and his history. By the time the winemaker was finished and we were given the chance to walk around the property, I had forgotten was was inevitable. We enjoyed the views and took a few pictures.

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We walked through the vineyard and I started to ask him to take a selfie with me. Without realizing what was happening, he took my hands and said he had a question to ask me. He got down on one knee and I started bawling. It was as if the 6 months of being apart no longer mattered. The only thing that mattered was that we made it to this very moment.

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We spent the next week and a half enjoying each other’s company and planning the rest of our lives together!

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