Marie and Nathan

How We Met: Nathan and I met at Ball State University through mutual friends. One night out at Dill Street, the most infamous bar in Muncie, he told me I had pretty eyes. I laughed to myself thinking that was all the game he had, but part of me couldn’t stop thinking about how cute he was. However, it was over a year later after graduating college, Nathan contacted me and the rest has been history.

Image 1 of Marie and Nathan

how they asked: We planned our annual ski weekend for Boyne Mountain in Michigan. Our first day of skiing was coming to an end. It was getting bitter cold out and I kept telling him I’m ready to go in, my hands are numb, etc. He convinced me to head up one more time and we would have someone take our picture with the sunset at the top of the mountain.

Then the excuses came…couldn’t find anyone to take it, the sun isn’t low enough. We ended up skiing about 3 more runs. Finally I told him on the lift that this is the last one because I couldn’t feel my body! Once at the top, he found someone to “take our picture”. At least that’s what I thought.

While posing, he backed away and got down on one knee. The girl was taking a video of the whole thing (which I have shared the link). I was so surprised and was crying and laughing at the same time. Other skiers where clinking their poles cheering for us. I then got to ski back down the mountain with my fiancé instead of my boyfriend. It was the most amazing weekend I could ever ask for!

Image 5 of Marie and Nathan

Image 2 of Marie and Nathan

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