Marie and Jeremy

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How We Met

We met as I was working for a wedding and he came to the venue a day earlier; he mixed up the dates. As the night went on he was socializing with other people and when the night came to an end he was the last one in the building. I talked to him a little bit and he was on his way. In the next couple of months we kept running into each other and even attended the same food show for work. We did not realize we both had attended the show in the past but this is the first time we both knew each other was going. He asked me to bowl with him for a fund raiser and then we did not see each other for a couple of weeks. He text messaged me out of the blue and asked if I had plans for dinner. The rest is history.

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how they asked

He is a fisherman and participates in tournaments throughout the year and the states. When I am able, I go along and just make use of my time away. This particular trip we went with his two daughters (6, 7 years old) and it happened to be his birthday the week we were leaving. The day of his birthday the girls and I had it planned that we would decorate the hotel room and get him some little gifts for him to open. That morning we woke up late and missed the breakfast the hotel offered so we decided on eating at the diner that was across the way. The girls asked me for a quarter for the machines as we walked into the door and I told them if they ate well. They ate well and received 2 quarters. Fast forwarding after Jeremy got back from fishing he opened his little gifts and then his youngest daughter gave him one of the plastic bubbles she bought with her quarter. She whispered to him “This is for you but it is not yours.” He said, “OK?” She said, “it’s a ring for you to give to ‘Arie to ask her to marry you.” So he looked at me and said ‘Arie will you marry me? and both girls told him he had to get on one knee and ask the real way. So he knelt before me on one knee and with the plastic snow white ring and his girls looking over his shoulders asked me to marry him and his girls. I of course said, yes I will marry you. :) When we went out the next day, the girls made sure I was wearing my princess ring and told everyone that we had gotten married.

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