Marie and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I met for coffee sometime in April of 2015 for what was supposed to be a “business meeting”. The meeting was going to be related to a kid’s camp he was working on with his friend. I worked at this coffee shop and asked my boss if I could have it to myself for a couple hours after we closed, so I could meet with Cody. Luckily she said yes, and we were set to meet. I remember watching him pull up and him getting out of his car, thinking, “Ooo he’s a cute one”. He had a beanie on, a plain long sleeve sweater, and some nice fitting jeans, he was carrying a notebook and looked all about his business. Before the meeting he told me to make him “whatever you like” for his drink, I ended up making him a White Turtle, which was a favorite among customers. As he entered I noticed how sharp his blue eyes were and went to grab his coffee. The meeting was all business but right at the end it turned into something different. Cody and I found out we both a had a passion for music, him being the musician (a good one) and me being a girl with a love for all genres. We spent about another hour discussing music before it was time to go. After he left I did think that we were going to keep our relationship business related. However, he proved me wrong a week later. He asked me to go bowling with him and, well, let’s just said he had a perfect game.

how they asked

May 29, 2017, (Pictures are in order, skip below to get to proposal) Cody and I woke up in Estavayer-Le-Lac, Switzerland. The plan was to go to a small cafe and enjoy a breakfast but we had a lot planned for the day so we were anxious to get started. Our anxiousness took us where any american might feel comfortable in a foreign country, McDonalds. Yes, McDonalds, we were both wanting it so we didn’t think too much into it and went for it. After our fabulous breakfast we hit the road to go to Lake Thun. This place is breath taking, we had to stop and get some pictures before we headed up to the St. Beatus caves. Supposedly in these caves lived a dragon that a monk chased away. The Proposal After our day ended in the caves we headed to Lauterbrunnen, the town of 40 falls. Every place we went got better than the next. Earlier in the day Cody told me he wanted to go to the top of the top of the mountain. I however wasn’t feeling it at all. Somehow we ended up at the base of the mountain and he’s still trying to convince me we needed to go to top. Finally, I caved in and told myself that three small cables taking me up 10,000 ft was going to be totally O.K. Cody told me it was three stops to get there, on the third stop he tells me it’s another one to go. I almost fainted, I thought I was good with heights but let me tell you that day I found out I wasn’t. Skipping all the dramatic whines, we finally got to the top of the Bernese Alps. Cody and I took some selfies, basked in all the beautiful surroundings, then, Cody had to go to the bathroom. So, instead of waiting for him I decided to take an adventure a little bit farther down to another viewing “island”. I finally saw Cody coming to see what I was up to. After a couple more selfies we decided to head back to the main building and go to the gift shop. Before we get into the next part you need to know that every time I tried to take a serene video, cody started making noises, at one point he even quacked like a duck… So back to where we are walking back. To get back to where we needed to go we had to walk on pure snow and ice and I wore the wrong shoes. I slipped but caught myself a couple times. As we are half way in between the “island” and the main building I start video taping and Cody, starts talking! I say “Cody whyyyyy do…” he cuts me off and says “Why don’t you video tape this?”. I turn around and the love of my life is on one knee, smiling. He says a couple phrases about the love he has for me and then asks the question “Will you marry me?”…OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!! *starts freaking out* *ques ugly crying face*. I was proposed to with a “thou ring”. In the ring there is a note folded, that contained another message from my amazing fiancé. We celebrated on top of the mountain and of course told our Moms. It was just us up there so the pictures we took our moments after the events happening, because, we kept saying “we need pictures! we need pictures!”. Flying back into Minneapolis, we went to jeweler and got my actual engagement ring order. Cody’s proposal was absolutely perfect, I could tell the story a million times but you won’t ever get the full beauty of what happened unless you were there. We thank all our friends and family who have known before the rest of the world for keeping it a secret and letting us enjoy ourselves for awhile before the craziness started! We love you all and we can’t wait to celebrate our special day with all our loved ones! Marie and Cody

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