Marie and Austin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barnsley Gardens Adairsville, GA

How We Met

The First Few Years- Austin and I first met in 4th and 5th grade. We were both homeschooled and involved with our local 4H club. Our first meeting was at B.B. practice (we shot competition B.B. guns) and his dad was our coach. Our friendship began there. As the years went on, we grew extremely close. He was and still is, my best friend. We would talk every day and when in large groups of people we would sit in a corner like a couple of old people just being grouchy together. That worked for us! Fast forward to my sophomore year my family moved and Austin and I ended up losing touch with each other.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barnsley Gardens Adairsville, GA

The New and Improved- Throughout the following years, my mom would always show me things about Austin on social media but I was busy and kind of brushed it off with an “oh that’s nice” and I’d go on with my business. Little did I know for the past 5 years both our moms had been attempting to play matchmaker. After seeing, a recent Facebook post of Austin this past October I finally asked my mom to be a mom and reach out, and by reach out I mean meddle, and find out if he was seeing someone. My mom did a great job, ended up giving Austin my number, and soon after, I get a text from him. After a month of talking and texting, he finally was able to come home for Thanksgiving and we went on our first date. That day was incredible. We picked up right where we left off and a few things from our childhood became known. Apparently, we both had childhood “crushes” on each other but never let each other know. We both changed a lot and it was for the better. Things always happen for a reason… all in God’s time. So this is where we technically began.

how they asked

Now things did move rather quickly for us. We had known each other for so long and we picked right up where we left off after 5 years ago. It all came so easily that we did not have to think twice about it. Austin is very supportive of my photography so it was nothing for him to take me to a location to get some shots and be my pack mule for the day… but when I got to his house that Sunday morning (January 20th) he was sick. After hanging around the house for a couple hours, we eventually attempted to leave. Poor Austin started to feel bad again, so, me being me, was slightly irritated that the day did not go as planned and I may or may not have been a little bratty. I kept telling Austin to go home because he wasn’t feeling well but he kept telling me that I was going to love this location and it would all be worth it.

We arrived at the place he picked out I realized it was at Barnsley Gardens. They have the beautiful ruins of the original mansion there and for those that know me best know that abandoned and ruins are my favorite things to shoot. So here, I am just having a grand ole’ time and Austin tells me to come, look at something. I kind of ignored him but after him calling me a couple of times I eventually turned around and there he is my sweet, sick, man who put up with my grouchy butt all day down on one knee asking me for my hand in marriage… Yes, he still wants to marry me… And yes, he really was sick ya’ll. I felt horrible! Now I get to spend the rest of my life making it up to him.