Maribel and Ronald


How We Met

We actually met through his sister. His sister and I had a class together in college, and we became close friends, so I would see Ronald a lot for the fact that his sister and I hung out a lot outside of school hours. I finally get the courage to ask his sister if her brother had a girlfriend and she saids “no”. I then ask her if I could have it, and she gives it to me. I didn’t even wait 5 minutes and I text him. He’s a little confused on why and how I got his number, but I explained, and surprisingly he was ok with it. From then on, we actually became really good friends for about a year. Before you know it, we started dating for the next 5 years.

how they asked

So the day before on a Friday night December 19 he tells me we’re going to the mall so I could help him pick out a dress for his sister to give to her Christmas, and since we are the same size he wanted my advice and maybe try some on. So we went and saw a couple and I tried on a couple, I came across one and I fell in love with it, but of course it wasn’t going to be for me so I left it as that and he bought the dress. Later that day before he drops me off at home, he asks me to wait in the car and so I did, he then brings out a gift bag and tells me “here’s a gift from my family to you for Christmas, so don’t peek because I know how you are” I laughed and didn’t peek.

The next day December 20 around mid-day, he asks me to get ready for a night out, thing is, he wouldn’t tell me where we were going (so how was I supposed to know what to wear) Time passes by and he sends me a text “remember that gift bag I gave you last night, well it’s not a gift from my it”. I was then confused for a bit, but I opened it and it just so happens that it was that exact dress I picked out the night before at the mall, which I thought was going to be a gift for his sister (he sure fooled me).

So! I open the bag and there’s a letter and in that letter he mentions it will be the first of five (before I go any further, each letter was a summary of each year we dated) and to wear the dress! I was so confused but excited at the same time, I had no idea what was happening. Later that late afternoon he picks me up, gives me the second letter and before we went to dinner (Cheesecake Factory) he gives me the third letter. After dinner he hands me the fourth letter, and right now I’m feeling really weird about everything but in a good way.

To end the night, we are now on our way to redondo beach to walk because it’s something we enjoy doing. But this time we take a different route towards a park across the ocean. So now I’m really confused and I ask him “why we are walking this different route” and he simply saids “just enjoy it”. So I agree and we keep walking. Soon that fifth letter is given to me and wow that letter was just so beautiful I couldn’t help but to tear up. You see my dad had passed away 2 years ago and it just so happens that we were at the exact same spot my parents met, and in that letter he mentions on how important it was for my dad to be a part of what has to be one of the greatest moments in my life. (Wow I was left speechless I didn’t know to think and I was feeling so many emotions) As soon as I come to end of letter I read “turn around” and there he was kneeing down on one knee with a ring in his hand asking “will you marry me”?