Maribel and David

How We Met

David and I met at my first birthday party. I walked over to his walker because I wanted to play with his toy, which he refused to share. 14 years later we reconnected in high school. We were taking World History together and instantly bonded. He was the funniest guy I had ever met. He made me laugh, I helped him study. Our friendship grew and eventually, we became each other’s best friends; each other’s person. We always felt something for each other but the time was never right.

Maribel's Proposal in In his brother's new house

Either he was with someone or I was with someone. Regardless, we always give each other love advice and were supportive. In our senior year of high school, we went to Homecoming, Sadies Hawkins and Prom as friends. At Prom, he decided it was the perfect moment to confess his love for me. As Daft Punk was playing in the background, he leaned in for a kiss, to his surprise I kissed him right back. After, on the way back home, he extended his hand and we held hands the whole way home. On our graduation day, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I immediately said YES!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In his brother's new house

Proposal Ideas In his brother's new house

How They Asked

On Saturday, David told me he had planned a surprise date. There was nothing unusual about it because he’s a romantic and loves to surprise me. I walked into the house to find the whole living room filled with rose petals and candles. He proceeded to make me my favorite dinner dish and poured me a glass of my favorite wine. The night was perfect. As we were finishing up, he told me he had 2 presents for me. I was shocked since it wasn’t our anniversary or my birthday. He explained that he knew how hard I had been working on my teaching credential and wanted to do something nice for me. He told me to close my eyes. As my eyes were closed, I could hear him in the living room setting up the TV, turning the candles on and set up the GoPro. I was 100% clueless. Once he finished, he walked me over and had me stand in front of the TV. A video began to play of our memories. It started with the video of when we met at my 1st birthday party. As if I thought the night couldn’t get any more romantic, David got down on one knee and asked me to be his best friend forever. I immediately said YES! To his surprise, I also took out a ring and proposed to him. David had always joked that he also wanted me to propose once he proposed to me. I would always roll my eyes and say, “Yes babe!“ But little did he know I had already bought the ring. For a couple of months, I would carry it around not knowing when he was going to pop the question. I said yes! He said yes! We said yes! It wasn’t my moment, it was our moment.

This is a picture of the actual proposal. It is a bit blurry because the whole proposal was filmed on a GoPro.

^^Before the proposal! I was like “Hey let’s take a selfie”

Us after the proposal. Same pose but now with a ring!!!!! The video he played me before proposing.

Our Video