Marianna and Massimiliano

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Trevi Fountain - Rome

How We Met

We met at school, we were both 15 years old. We were in love but we didn’t think we had known our soul mate. After nine years of kissing, quarrels, love, travel, happiness, complicity, and adventures we decided to get married after (10 years and) a week from our first kiss.

Marianna's Proposal in Trevi Fountain - Rome

How They Asked

My favorite place in the world is the Trevi fountain, despite the fact that I fell the only ice cream in my life. On one of our trips, after eating in a very nice and romantic restaurant, we went to eat ice cream at the Trevi Fountain. Ice cream fell to him as we walked near the edge of the fountain. He knelt to pick it up but pulling out a box he asked me “Marianna do you want to marry me?”