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how they asked

So, I know literally everyyoneeee has been asking how JT asked me to marry him (woah, still can’t believe that happened.) Wellll lemme tell you. I’d been away for five weeks on a trip to Europe. First off, the reason I was dressed up was cause my brother told me we had a better chance of getting first class. So I said heck yes let’s dress up but if we get denied then I’m changing into sweatpants. Welp. The plane was fully booked, so they had to take away our carry ons cause there wasn’t enough room on the plane. Bye bye sweatpants. Hello really sad Mar. Moving on. So finally we landed in D.C at the airport. After nearly two hours of customs/baggage claim, we make it towards a wave of people. Hurray! We see Dad Latham! He was holding a sign, and I was so excited I didn’t notice the sign was for my brother!? So Dad handed me my favorite flower, a peony of course!

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He told us that Jt and momma Latham were waiting further down. I just figured they were too tired from driving to D.C and didn’t wanna walk. Wrong. So after we walk a few minutes and I’m all hyped up to be home, Dad Latham and George tell me to stay where I’m at and take my suitcase. Okay I thought they didn’t want me carrying them by the stairs and break my leg or something. So dad Latham comes back a minute later and says come here.

And I glanced and saw that our fabulous friend and photographer was standing at the bottom of the stairs. But I’m blind and couldn’t tell if it was her, so I was highly confused. So dad Latham and I stop at a gated balcony. He says,” we are so happy to have Marianna home.” And I’m confused as to who he’s talking to.

So as soon as he says that, Tyler comes out with a sign welcoming me home with a peony. Next Momma Latham walks out crying with another sweet sign and a peony. Immediately I start crying. Then as soon as Memeil (Jts grandma) walks out crying with another sweet sign and peony, I KNEW. My crying turned to balling my eyes out. Next, Sethhh comes out cheesin with a sweet sign and peony.

And as I’m standing there, my heart drops when he drops the next sign that read,”Will.” That could only mean two things. Seth was looking for a person named Will, or a question was being asked.

And since I’m pretty sure Seth knows like one Will, I knew a question was being asked. Balling my eyes turned into me crying like a dying walrus. Next..Dani walks out carrying a sign that says,”You.” Y’all after that I thought my heart couldn’t take anymore happiness. But then Debra walked out with a sign that read-you guessed it,”Marry.” My heart was exploding with joy.

Proposal Ideas Dulles Airport

The love I felt radiating from everyone was immeasurable. So much that I couldn’t feel JT tapping me on my shoulder. After a second time of tapping me on my right shoulder, I looked left. Don’t ask me why, but I just did. But when I looked right, that’s when I saw the love of my life. I couldn’t help but hug him. He got down on one knee, and all I could do was cry and laugh and smile and cry and hug him as he asked me to marry him. (JT was the,”Me?” To the rest of the question if you didn’t understand that part, haha.)

You guys the amount of love that I was surrounded by that night was incredible. I’m in awe still. I never want to lose sight of this memory. Afterwards we all shared yummy food, lots of pictures, and a road trip back home in a huge van filled with lots of dancing and music with my best friends and future family(don’t be fooled though, they’ve always been my family?

They get cool points for me being their daughter?) I can’t thank everyone enough for all their prayers, time, effort, love and just everything they put into last Monday night. I’m not really sure about some stones I’m stepping on at this point in life. But there’s one thing I know I’m sure of, and that’s God giving me the privilege to marry my amazing BEST FRIEND. I’m so so so thankful. Shoutout to whoever actually read this entirely long post. After all, y’all asked for it???

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