Marianna and Jeff

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How We Met

Jeff and I met through total chance and after our first date we both knew this was something special.

how they asked

If anyone knows me, they know I LOVE ice cream. As in, I wish I could eat it all the time, as in I’m that runner who uses it as a huge motivator etc. And there’s this one place near Jeff’s moms that has the best custard blizzard complete with Reese’s, peanut butter and chocolate shell and it’s AMAZING. I had been begging and begging for him to take me there and finally, he decided we would go. We went out to dinner first, to a delicious all you can eat sushi restaurant we also both love. We are sooooo much that I was scared we wouldn’t be able to go ice cream. I convinced Jeff (or so I thought) to still go and told him we could just share. We really don’t have many opportunities and I wanted my custard!

First we went to his mom’s house to pick up our dog because we wanted to take him. His mom and grandparents (who had stopped over to drop off their dog before their vacation) said they wanted to tag along. This is typical so I wasn’t suspicious at all. We decided to drive separately since his grandparents were going to head back to their house after ice cream. Still no suspicious were raised. So Jeff and I got in his car with our dog Brillo and started driving towards the ice cream place. On his way there Jeff oh so conveniently realized he had no cash so we had to stop at the ATM, which was at a gas station so he decided why not fill up his tank too. I was getting annoyed, as I told him we were going to be making his family wait for us. They got there when we had ten minutes left in our ride and I felt bad. I told Jeff we shouldn’t have stopped for so long. Little did I know this was all part of the plan. When we finally got there, I ran to his mom and apologized for being late.

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Then Jeff told me, “Hey look! A new flavor!” To which I didn’t look and replied “No thanks I already know I want the Reese’s thing” Then he urged me to look again and out of the corner of my eye I read the top of a sign that said “engage-mint?” And I didn’t fully get it I just thought it was a clever flavor. But when I turned around, Jeff was on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. I was so shocked everything else was a blur. I could not stop laughing and smiling I was bubbling over with excitement! Yes we got our ice cream but I didn’t even care because I had just gotten engaged! I am so excited to see what our future holds.

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