Marianna and Daniel

How We Met

We meet at Union High School in 2008. I was a freshman and Danny was junior. I was in love with him on the first day of school & I mean he was the first guy I laid eyes in my first week of high school. Luckily we had lunch together. It had been a few weeks of me being all googly-eyed when I finally got the courage to add him on MySpace. We also had a good friend in common who was trying to get us together. My best friend dared me to write on his MySpace wall and he surprisingly commented back! We got each other aim screen names and started talking daily on there. We had our first date at Applebee’s and he was my first kiss! We made it official on January 6th, 2009. By the first week of talking, I already knew I wanted to marry this guy. We are truly high school sweethearts.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York

How They Asked

It had been years of us talking about getting married (since we were 14 years old!). I knew that it coming up soon because I had graduated college and he got promoted as Captain for the airline he works for. He had me convinced that he was going to propose on a vacation we were going to take last year to Banff National Park in Canada. So mentally I had prepared myself for that.

Little did I know that he was secretly planning a proposal with my sister in my favorite city in the world, New York City. We were supposedly getting brunch in Dumbo Brooklyn that had a beautiful view of the Brooklyn bridge. My sister had tagged along because she always came with us to eat. I got all dressed up to take some photos in front of the bridge but my sister and he were also dressed up. It didn’t seem fishy at all! We parked our car near the bridge and walked up to the popular cobblestone street.

We were waiting for the tourist to move away so he could take some photos of me. He had me turn towards the bridge so he could take some back pictures. When he told me to turn around, he was already on one knee with the Tiffany and co blue box asking me to marry him. At first, I was shocked but my emotions quickly turned on and I started crying and we were hugging and kissing.

Marianna's Proposal in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York

little did I know that he had hired a photographer weeks before and he was there snapping away. He also surprised me with our whole family coming a few minutes later to congratulate us, bring flowers, and to let me know that we had a celebratory brunch waiting for us in Manhattan. it was such an emotional and beautiful day. He had told me that from day one, it was always going to be New York City since I had always dreamed of that.

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