Marianela and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas and I met in the hallways of elementary school, second grade. We were raised in New York, where a friendship started and continued all throughout high school. We shared the same friends, teachers, classrooms and high school memories. Life took us on different paths as I moved to Florida before finishing high school and Nicholas left to California where he enlisted to the United States Marine Corps. Life took us on a spin to different directions but the universe knew we were meant to be together. We started talking and catching up on life while he was on one of his deployments in Japan, and suddenly we were FaceTiming and having six hour phone calls every day, and these were the moments we looked forward too. The distance, years and deployment never mattered, our bond grew stronger and love grew deeper. We finally reunited during the holidays in the place we both grew up, New York. In that trip life completely changed, and I realized the man of my dreams was standing in front of me all along.

how they asked

When we reached the shore, I realized there were no dinner reservations. “You know you mean the world to me, right ..” My wildest dream came true in the most romantic way possible. Nicholas got down on one knee, and as I cried of joy, I looked over to the crowd that formed and saw my entire family. “I can’t picture my life without you El, so will you marry me?”

Image 1 of Marianela and Nicholas

Special Thanks

Karen Gimenez
 | Photographer
Elsa Gimenez
 | Videographer