Mariandrea and Rafael

How we met: Rafael and I are both bloggers living in the same city, in 2006 we started reading each other and became part of a circle of Colombian bloggers. After a year of just virtual contact I decided it was time to put a face on my blogger friends and threw a party to meet some of them. We officially met on September 20 2007. We liked each other since the first moment but we were both in relationships so we remained friends for one more year.

When we were finally single, it was matter of a couple of days to start dating. It became official in October 2008 and we have been inseparable since then.

Image 3 of Mariandrea and Rafael

After 6 great years together, traveling, moving in, adoptingtwo beautiful cats, thousands of kilometers ridden in our bikes, Friday nights fondue in our pajamas, a lot of changes and the best memories, we decided it was time to take the next step.

TL;DR: if your mom says meeting strangers from the internet is dangerous, don’t listen to her!

Image 1 of Mariandrea and Rafael
how they asked: I work across the street from Colombian singer Carlos Vives‘s restaurant/bar/studio, so sometimes I get to listen to his rehearsals while I’m working. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved his music.

Rafael had this crazy idea two years ago that he was going to ask Carlos Vives to sing “Volví a Nacer” (I was born again) while he proposed to me. To do so, he practically stalked Carlos for two months, and convinced one of the restaurant’s employees to help him. Half luck, half hard work, Rafael could finally meet Carlos Vives and tell him his idea, and he agreed to be a part of it!

That Friday night, 2 weeks after our 6th anniversary, I was supposed to meet Rafael outside my office to go home together. Instead he made me cross the street and then he said something to the restaurant’s doorman. When I asked “What is happening?” he answered “I want to introduce you to a friend of mine”.

Next thing I know Carlos Vives is in front of us singing a capella and recording the whole thing while Rafael awkwardly holds a box in his hand. When he reached the chorus, Carlos stopped singing so Rafael could sing it to me:

“Quiero casarme contigo (I want to marry you),

quedarme a tu lado (to stay by your side),

ser el bendecido con tu amor (to be the one blessed with your love).”

Then he got in one knee and the rest is history. I was the happiest woman on earth, as you can notice by my happy nervous hopping in the video.

Image 2 of Mariandrea and Rafael