Mariana and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I matched on Hinge at the very beginning of the pandemic, in March of 2020. After a week of small talk, his profile disappeared and I thought he was just like any other guy out there on all the dating apps, just swiping around. Fast forward to October, he liked my profile again, and I decided to like his profile back and give it a go, but keeping my expectations very low. A week after matching again, he asked me on our first date. Not a typical dinner date, he asked me to a ballroom dance class. At first I wasn’t keen on it, but I decided I should get myself out there and our first date was a success. After that we just started spending more and more time together, with only a one-week break during our first month of dating. Things were too good to be true, so I got scared. I thought something bad was going to happen, and that if I backed up right at the beginning I would avoid getting hurt. Little did I know Jonathan was and is the opposite of all other guys I had dated before. He is caring, loving, empathetic, attentive. I got so lucky!

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How They Asked

Jonathan proposed to me on August 21st. We had had a very rough July and agreed we needed some time off to decompress and relax. He took me out on a weekend staycation. We live in Miami, FL, and drove up to a cute little historical hotel up in Delray Beach, FL for the weekend. The beginning of the weekend was lovely. Nice dinner, relaxing, we were enjoying each other’s company, having fun. On Saturday, after exploring for a bit, I told him I needed a nap. He woke me up an hour later, and he knows how much I love napping, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about waking up but he insisted we had dinner reservations for 6pm.

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I got ready and for the first time ever he suggested I change my dress, which was so odd. He then took me out of our cottage to go to the restaurant but started walking and walking, and I could sense something was up. He had hired a photographer to document the whole proposal. He got down on one knee and surprised me with a gorgeous ring handmade in Israel. I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t have chosen a better proposal to say yes to. We are both over the moon and looking forward to a lifetime of memories together.

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Special Thanks

Jennifer Cortiella
 | Photographer