Mariana and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met three years ago counseling at church camp when he was sitting in front of me and blocking my view? He was super goofy and kind of shy and honestly I had no intentions of ever being more than friends. Fast forward to coming home from camp and he stole the antenna off my car and refused to give it back until I agreed to lunch. Y’all, it was so funny I couldn’t say no! He courted me for a month (I made it pretty difficult for him) and then he asked me on a date and told me to pack a swimsuit. He filled the date with literally all of my favorite things from the beach to snowcones and I was like wow he’s a sweetheart. And he knows my heart so well! He asked me to be his girlfriend and the two and a half years of long distance, a move across states (TX-LA) and the rest is history!

How They Asked

It was Saturday, February 23rd, one of our best friends Meagan was in town for a visit and she woke me up with brunch and a mani date! It was such a sweet girls day that was supposed to end in dinner at Austin’s grandparents’ farm (and it did just not how I thought!). We were driving to dinner and Austin was acting pretty weird but I chalked it up to me nagging him about being late and him finding out my mom was randomly visiting. We pull up to the ranch and I see some of our closest friends cars and started to get suspicious of something but was not exactly sure what…you see Austin has always talked about wanting a very low key engagement/proposal so I didn’t think anything of it.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On his grandparents ranch

Mariana and Austin's Engagement in On his grandparents ranch

We get out of the car and I see his granny with a camera at the window and still was oblivious because one of our best friends daughter ran out and I went to go pick her up and Austin was like “WILL YOU JUST WAIT A SECOND!” And I started to piece it together! He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. He then got so excited he closed the ring box and got up to hug me. The ditzy in me said “uhmmm can I have my ring?!?!” And he goes “I thought I gave it to you!” Then everyone started giggling and hugging and we ended the night surrounded by some of our favorite people in my favorite place. It’s the place Austin lived when we first started long distance, the home away from home once I moved to Louisiana and it’s the place we will tie the knot later this year. To say our hearts are full is an understatement.