Mariana and Aristóteles

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How We Met: We met almost seven years ago, at a party hosted by a friend in common. After flirting for about three months, we finally got together. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. I was 17 and he was 21 at the time, and we’ve always wanted to be together forever, but we chose to prioritize our education and professional lives for a while. Our story is simple: love and togetherness.

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how they asked: We finally decided to get married on November 2014. It was the right time, and we waited for long enough, but he wanted the proposal to be a surprise. And it really was. On a Friday night, a just got home from work (we were practically living together at the time) and he said his family was visiting, and we had to go upstairs at the party lounge of the building to talk to them. When we arrived, he covered my eyes and said there was a surprise for me. When I opened them, there were candles, heart-shaped balloons and “our” song (Dig – Incubus) was playing. He led me to the other way, and there were numerous candles forming the words Will you marry me (Quer casar comigo?) in Portuguese, of course. He kneeled and propose to me. I was already in tears and just answers “Of course!”, and when he put the ring on my finger, our friends showed up cheering and hugging us. It was beautiful and everyone we love was there, helping him to make the surprise and hoping for our happiness.

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