Mariah and Jacob

Image 1 of Mariah and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I met in high school when we were 16. When we began getting to know each other, neither of us were looking for a serious relationship due to our age, but we hit things off right off the bat. The first time we decided to hangout outside of school, we decided to go to a bridal fashion show that his sister and my two best friends would be in. At the time, we didn’t realize that this would lead to a brilliant foreshadowing. Loving puns, at one point I had given him a banana and wrote “you’re a-peeling” on the outside. Later I found out he is severely allergic to bananas. As time went on, we continued to grow closer. I had an obsession with whales and was constantly painting and sketching them in my advanced art class, some of them in tutu’s and bows, others more realistic. When my birthday came around at the end of June 2015, Jacob surprised me with a whale watching day cruise to Friday Harbor.

In October of 2015, I suddenly became seriously ill. I was bed bound for months, had to get a hardship withdrawal out of my class and drop out of school, and lost almost 15 pounds. Despite still being in school and having an autoimmune disorder himself, Jacob began coming over everyday to help take care of me, as my dad commutes to work and my mom is disabled. He helped me eat, took me to my doctors appointments, carried me to the bathroom, and still always treated me as the same person I was before. I have now been ill for over a year and a half, have to use a mobility aid, and am still in the process of doctors appointments and testing, but Jacob’s and my partnership has continued to flourish throughout this. We’ve made a habit of at home dates, where we rent a redbox and cuddle, give each other neck rubs, and light some candles. With the right person, you can make the simplest of things into a cherished evening.

how they asked

In June of 2016, Jacob came over all dressed up and told me we were going somewhere. I had on one of my favorite dresses that he had gotten me, and in the car we went. About half way to our destination, Jacob realized he had forgotten how to get there and had to ask me for directions. He ended up taking me to Larrabee State Park, and took me on a short trail while carrying a bag to a bench overlooking a cliffside and the ocean (this was before I required a mobility aid.) Once we sat down, he handed me the bag. Inside was a dozen white roses and three boxes, labeled numerically. Inside each was a piece of a poem he had written about our relationship and a stuffed animal cat resembling the cat we had gotten for his birthday, my childhood cat, and my current cat. The one resembling my current cat was in the last box, and around its neck was a pink bandana that read “Meowy me?” Once Jacob had saw that I finished reading everything, he bent down and asked me to marry him.

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I said yes, and three days later we left on a trip to Florida to visit his grandparents and celebrate!

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