Mariah and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met in college at Ohio University(Famous for the Halloween Block Party hence our awesome NERDS costume) It was a Sunday morning and my friend Sara said she wanted to go out, watch some football, and get some drinks/lunch. She asked me if I wanted to go, I said yes…little did I know I was going to meet someone I was really interested in. We met up with her friend from high school who happened to be Tyler. As the day went on, we had a lot of fun and really started to hit it off.

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In days to come, Tyler asked me to watch a movie. I knew I was interested, but I was hesitant. At this point in my life, I was just having fun and going out with my girlfriends! He could tell I was hesitant, but he was persistent. I gave in and it ended up being the greatest decision of my life.

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From there we went on a couple dates and hung out with our mutual friends. He came to my dance concert. One day during finals week, we went to Alden library where we were studying for our finals together. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I was in complete shock. I just remember smiling ear to ear. Since I never gave him a definite answer he responded with, “I’ll try again later.” I went to my final accounting exam with a huge smile on my face, not being able to focus on anything, because I was just so happy. Later that evening, we were cuddled up and he asked the question again…obviously I said yes!

how they asked

So after college, we moved to Denver, Colorado together. It was a dream of mine since I was 12 years old to move somewhere new/to a city. When I met Tyler, I knew he wasn’t a city boy. We discussed our options and Denver was the perfect choice for the both of us. Outdoors and city…All in one place! Since we have moved out here, a lot of our friends have come to visit. Sara (the girl who introduced us) came out with her husband(Cody) and our other close friends(Courtney & David). In 2015, we were in both of their weddings. Sara & Courtney were trying to get Tyler to propose at Sara’s wedding during the reception! They have been waiting for this moment since the day we met!

Tyler and I are “the more the merrier” type of people. We also hold our friends and family VERY close to our heart. When they came out, we knew we wanted to take them to the mountains and do some sightseeing and hiking. Hiking is our favorite thing to do together as a couple. We all drove to Rocky Mountain National Park(the first national park Tyler and I went to when we moved to CO) and started to explore.

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We were looking for the perfect spot to hike, but I wasn’t sure what the big deal was…You hike, get some pictures, enjoy the views and go back to your car. No spot was good enough…I was starting to get frustrated. Finally, the guys found the mountain we were going to hike. When we got to the top, my friends were so excited to take pictures. As I was waiting for our turn I was trying to stand by Tyler…he kept walking away because he had the ring in his pocket as you can see in the one picture. Finally, it was our turn and he hopped right up there asking me if I needed a new Facebook profile picture…I just laughed it off.

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All of our friends stood there with their cameras ready…5 phones ready to go. I didn’t think anything of it. I was making jokes about the paparazzi. Next thing I know, Tyler drops to one knee and asked me to marry him.

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The whole thing was so surreal. Just like when he asked me to be his girlfriend…I was in such shock. It’s truly unexplainable how in the moment I was and the emotions I felt.

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A rush of happiness took over. Grinning ear to ear, I couldn’t even answer the question. His response was “I take it that’s a yes?!” As I nodded my head yes with my mouth on the ground! It was such an unreal moment…may I mention I have never seen Tyler that nervous.

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It was adorable. Sara’s birthday is June 4th, our engagement is June 5th, and Courtney and David’s wedding anniversary in June 6th so now we have 3 days in a row that we all get to celebrate as friends…more like family!

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After we got off of the mountain we went to dinner to celebrate! When we got home, my friends had engagement gifts waiting for me. It was the cutest. Courtney owns a cookie business called “Courtney’s Cutouts” and made us cookies as well!

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