Mariah and Thomas

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How We Met

We actually met through mutual friends. I can remember the first time we met my jaw almost dropped to the floor. She was the most beautiful person I ever set my eyes on. I am mediately felt like I was completely out of my league but I stuttered and asked her if it was OK to take her out to dinner. She smiled with a big grin and said of course. I ended up taking to a nice restaurant in our hometown called John Palmer’s and is now our every anniversary dinner. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

I always look forward to the simple things we share, talking after a long day at work over dinner she made. She doesn’t know it but it’s a great stress reliever for me to tell her all the day’s events that happened (the good and bad) and then speculate together on how tomorrow will line up. On the weekends, since we both work two jobs our second job we actually work together so we can at least spend sometime seeing one another. Sunday is actually our only day off and Its the best day of the week. I enjoy relaxing with her and just watching a movie, every aspect of it and playing a game to see if you can figure out whats going to happen next.

I can’t even imagine my life now without all the things we enjoy together, our awesome bubble baths, and lazy sleep-ins on Sunday morning. Through the days and through the nights, I will thank her for always being there; I’ll always try my best to be there for her I want her to know how much I truly love and appreciate her. She’s my schnookums. She means everything to me.

how they asked

I wanted to make this trip a very memorable moment for the both of us so i planned i would video tape our vacation using my GoPro. I decided to take small clips at every place we went on vacation and added all the clips together.

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Our Video