Mariah and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I first met in high school. One day in class, a mutual friend of both Taylor and I asked who I would date if I could be with anyone in the entire school. Of course, my answer was “Taylor Carey—but don’t tell him!” Well, thankfully that mutual friend didn’t keep his promise and Taylor and I started hanging out over the next few weeks. Although we both enjoyed many of the same activities throughout school such as student government, cross country and Friday night football games it wasn’t until I was a Junior and Taylor was a Senior in high school that we officially started “hanging out.”

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One of my favorite first dates was going ice-skating at an outdoor rink in December in downtown Raleigh, NC. We finished the night with Krispy Kreme and a little Jack Johnson (still two of our favorites to this day). I still get giddy when we repeat this date every year! Taylor *finally* asked me to be his girlfriend on January 27th, 2012 and we’ve been together ever since! Throughout the past six years we attended college together at NC State—Go Pack! (before I transferred to ECU-Go Pirates!), traveled together, and have made incredible memories that will last us a lifetime. The only thing we didn’t consider—that I will take a famous singer’s name when we become husband and wife—too funny!!

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how they asked

My family had been planning a trip to Dunedin Florida since December 2017 to hang out on our friend’s new Yacht for the weekend. Taylor is seriously the best at surprises—and I am REALLY hard to surprise. I learned all of the details after he popped the question. Taylor contacted our family friend via email about a month prior to our trip. Paul (Captain) and Taylor came up with an extravagant plan to propose once we reached the Gulf of Mexico on the boat. Taylor asked my parents for my hand in marriage just three days before the proposal—most likely because he knew my mother cannot keep a secret for long! On the day of the boat ride, April 7th 2018, Taylor was his normal self (to me at least) but he totally disagrees! Once the boat was anchored, Paul suggested everyone go swimming or head to the beach.

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I asked Taylor if he wanted to jump in with me, but he quickly suggested that we get a picture on the bow of the boat prior to getting wet—something not out of the ordinary for us as we love taking pictures. Taylor insisted we head to the front of the boat (even though it was rocking like crazy). Once we were at the bow, Taylor quickly got down on his knee (I thought he had fallen because of all of the rocking!!) and said the sweetest things I’ve ever heard him say. After a lot of “are you serious!!” statements from me—I, of course, said YES to the man of my dreams. We ALMOST dropped the ring before it was on my finger because of the wind causing the boat to rock–but thank goodness, we didn’t lose it!! The rest of the day was filled with happy tears, family hugs, champagne, and dolphins.

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