Mariah and Steven

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How We Met

I first met Steven in August of 2009. We met at a party and that night he had put his number in my phone. The next day I received at text from “Steven Burns” had no idea what I got myself into. We started texting, then eventually hung out for the second time. We went on a double date, with my best friend and he brought his best friend. From that night, we saw each other every weekend to every other day. We ended up going to his senior homecoming together and eventually to his senior prom. I was skeptical about this relationship because I was beginning my sophomore year in high school and he was starting his senior year. I wasn’t sure if it would work out. I ended it and we drifted apart, but I knew it wasn’t the right thing. A couple months went by and I was just sad everything reminded me of him, I kept thinking of him, I still went to see him walk across the stadium at graduation, and even cheered him on. He of course, didn’t know that. He had heard something that happened to me in my personal life that summer and I received at text from him. I was scared, sad, and so confused. He texted me and showed up to my front door that very next morning to take me to Jamba Juice to talk about it. From that day on, we never left each others side. I knew how it felt not to have him around and I was not going to let that happen again. Steven showed me what life was about. Taking me to see my first concert to eventually seeing almost all my favorite bands and artists. He showed to how to shoot guns, how to fish, he took me camping and cliff jumping. As our 4 year anniversary came, we found out a huge surprise. We were expecting! Out of know where, our lives completely changed. For the better. We got our own place in the mountains, and prepared to bring a bundle of joy to our home. Young and unsure what to expect we made the best of everything. Just because we were 20 and 22 did not mean she would live a different life from anyone else. My baby deserved the world and the best, and that’s exactly what we planned on giving her!

how they asked

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So we just had our 6 year anniversary in August. We planned to have a white Christmas in Tahoe this year with Steven’s family! His mom has been wanting new family pictures, especially since she has two grand babies this year! We decided while we were up there to hire a photographer out there and surprise her as her Christmas gift! We got to Tahoe Saturday evening and opened gifts once we got there. She was so excited to do family pictures that Monday. And it was even supposed to snow that day! Monday morning comes and we are all getting ready. We get to the park we are meeting the photographer at ( and Steven, Caroline (our daughter) and I start first with just our little family. I was excited, I knew they would turn out great. Then we do the entire family, after that I go into the car to warm up and attempt to dry off. Steven comes and says, “She wants more of our family, let’s get a different pose in a different spot.” Not thinking anything of it, I’m like sure sounds great! Well Steven holds Caroline for the fist picture, then Harmony tells me to hold her now to get different pictures. I’m like okay cool. We take one with me holding Caroline and as we are rearranging for the next pose, Steven gets on his knee! I was so confused and in shock I was like frozen. He said “Mariah, will you marry me?” I of course, scream! I said yes of course and hurry and put that ring on my finger!! It was beautiful and everything I can imagine, + more!!! He did everything I wanted!! I always told him “If you ever propose you better have a photographer there!!” He knew my exact ring because he made a Pinterest to look at my boards!! I know ladies, he is amazing. So now here I am still happy, excited and planning our dream wedding!!!

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Special Thanks

Harmony Hilderbrand
 | Photographer