Mariah and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met 3 months ago, and only 4 days after my breakup with my live-in boyfriend of 3 years. We were in a professional setting, and although we felt the spark, neither of us wanted to cross any lines by asking the other out! I connected with him on Linkedin, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Josh proposed outside my front door on July 1st, the day we were leaving for Calgary, AB for vacation. I woke up to let my dogs out and saw a trail of hearts on my stairs and immediately texted him, in my half asleep state, “What did you do? What is on my stairs?” And he replied, “There are more outside,”. I followed that trail with my two dogs on my heels, and to my sweet surprise, that trail leads to a heart, where Josh was waiting on one knee! “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young was playing, and while fresh out of bed, in my pajamas, Josh asked me to marry him. He had planned to propose on our trip but he simply couldn’t wait anymore.

Mariah and Josh's Engagement in Outside my front door

Many people have questioned us and the length of time we’ve been together. We know it’s fast, but our communication and love far surpass anything we have ever had before and we know we have what it takes to make it work! They say that when you know, you know. And we definitely know! ❤

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Outside my front door