Mariah and Jonathan

Image 2 of Mariah and JonathanHow We Met: We met in high school but didn’t really talk to each other until after high school. He was Putin Washington state for work and I was down in Raleigh when we became friends. We instantly knew that it would turn into something more. About a month later we decided to actually start dating and not long after that did we actually fall in love.

how they asked: We kept a long distance relationship up for about a year and some change. Then I came home from school and he had moved back home. We spent all of our free time together! We both decided that we needed a mini vacation and went up to Washington, D.C. For the Valentine’s Day weekend. Little did I know he was planning to propose to me that weekend.

We hung out with his aunt and cousins (who live just outside of DC). They took us all around DC and showed us some sites and somehow we ended up at the Lincoln memorial and it was snowing and such a gorgeous view and the next thing I know I turn to take a picture with him and he is down on one knee asking me to marry him!! I said yes of course! Our wedding is set for October 22, 2016.

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