Mariah and David


How We Met

David and I have known each other since middle school. However we were so polar opposite, I never thought our paths would cross in a romantic way. Through the years, we went to opposite high schools and colleges, he was an Oregon Duck and I was a Beaver. Clearly, those two never mixed well. It wasn’t until after graduation, I started working at Nike and David was offered a job about three months after me. I was just typing away on my computer and I received this instant message from David on our work WebEx. He says to me, “Oh you work at Nike?” I was very surprised to see his name pop up and how quickly our conversations evolved. For about the next year we chatted frequently at work, to pass the time until it was time to leave for the day.

It wasn’t until about April of 2015 I started thinking to myself, I need to hangout with this guy. So I threw about four months worth of hangouts that ranged from getting slurpees, going to a baseball game, berry picking and even a round of golf. Still this guy was giving me the cold shoulder and said maybe next time. Well finally in July, he accepted my offer of going to a baseball game! I was so excited that he finally said YES to me.. I picked him up in a new car I just bought and drove us to Hops Stadium. After that, we hung out once a week doing all of those things he always declined me of. In August, I met all three of his sisters, niece and nephew at another baseball game.


Knowing I was David’s first girlfriend, I knew the pressure was on to make a good impression. I passed their tests and about 1 week later, he invited me over to his house to watch a Duck’s football game with his family. I met his parents and sisters again, knowing them ahead of time made it a much easier process. A few months later in September, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend officially. I was so over the moon with excitement that he finally did it. I practically asked him if he was ever going to ask me out. We dated for about 11 months before he asked me the next big question…


how they asked

We had date night planned to wind down before leaving for my family reunion the next day.  Unsuspecting I leave work and head to my car where my friend, Erica, is waiting for me.  She pops out from behind my trunk holding a few white roses, an envelope, and a CD.  “Hi, I have something for you” she says, “This is your first clue.  Play this and drive slowly to your next destination”.

The first note talks about how we re-connected at work so this is where it all starts.  It instructs me to go to the place where we shared our first kiss—Rock Creek Elementary.  It was here at my elementary school where we spent time playing with his niece, Ryann, my nephew, Makhailo, and created our first memories together.  When I get there my sister, Katy, and her kids (Brooklyn, Mason and Jaxon) come around the corner.  Mason has a few more white roses for me and Brooklyn holds clue #2.  When I see them I lose it immediately and begin bawling.  Mason, who is 5 years old, says, “This is like a proposal”.  I read the next note which says from playdates for the kids to picking Brooklyn from school this place holds many memories for us.  “This is romantic” says Mason as I’m still fighting back tears.  It then says it’s time to get to third base—The Hillsboro Hops baseball stadium.

The first time we hung out together we went to a baseball game at this stadium.  Parking was $5 which I was not going to let us pay for despite his efforts.  I demanded that we be rebels and park in the lot next door for free—his first introduction to my bargain hunting.  We did just that ignoring the “No Game Parking” tow warnings and we have parked there for games ever since.  The note tells me to go to this parking spot.  Nobody is there when I arrive but I park in the spot and not long after, I see my dad and brother pulling up.  My dad gets out of the car and hands me roses with the final letter.  The note thanks a “certain umpire” (my dad) for the tickets to the game that first day and tells me to let him drive me to the next destination.

I am still tearing up as we get in the car and head out listening to the CD mix David made.  I find out the destination is my grandparent’s farm which holds a lot of my childhood memories.  When we get there instead of going to the house my dad pulls to the side of the road and turns into the bottom pasture.  At this point he has tears streaming down his face.  We are both crying as I realize my dad is driving me down to where David is waiting.  He is standing under trees with the rest of the white rose bouquet and a picnic set up.

My dad gets out and opens my door for me.  We hug each other as I cry in his arms thanking him for showing me what a man and husband should be.  My dad then sends me off to David and drives away.  While I walk to him I see his eyes are glossy and he is clearly a little nervous.  All I wanted to do was hug him so we are hugging when he begins to talk.

proposal 2

“I never could have imagined standing right here, right now, with you in this situation but I wouldn’t change it for the world” he starts with a tremble in his voice.  I’m not sure I can comprehend what he is saying because I am still bawling and overwhelmed with emotion as he goes on, “You make me a better person.  I hope I do the same for you because you are the one and only love of my life.  This is hard because all I can think about right now is how I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.  I am holding his hands now so he has to break my grasp to reach into his pocket as he drops to a knee.  “Mariah Suzanne, will you marry me?”


It takes me a few seconds but I am able to gasp out a “yes” and I can’t help but just hug him.

proposal 4

A couple minutes later I realize I hadn’t even glanced at the ring we designed together.  He puts it on my finger as we settle in for the picnic he had ready.


After talking for a while with a bottle of wine we ventured back to my grandparent’s house where all of our family and my close friends were waiting to celebrate with us.  They had all played a part in planning this which had become the most special day ever.


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