Mariah and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met the Fall of 2010 at the college I was attending at that time. He grew up around that area and was home for the weekend and I knew the moment I saw him that he was “the one”. Although both of us were dating other people the attraction between the two of us was unbearable. He made me nervous and I lost all words when it came to talking to him. I think I can say the same for him! Obviously with the two of us being committed to others at the time we respected one another and moved on our own ways. It only last about a year before we started talking again, both being single now, we were able to hang out and enjoy each others company. It didn’t take long before he realized that he was not ready to move on from hi 4 year previous relationship, and how could I not respect him for that. BUT soon, wouldn’t you know it was the summer of 2014 and at this time we both knew it was going somewhere and we have been together ever since and never happier in our lives.

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how they asked

I had snowboarded once in my whole life before vacationing in Big Sky with Chris and his family who were very familiar with the place. I was headed up on a tram to the highest peak in Big Sky called Loan Peak to “take pictures” with Chris and his family. Being afraid of heights I jumped on without hesitation for I knew the view would be breath taking. Little to my knowledge did I know that the moment he brought me out to the edge of that mountain he would drop down on one knee and ask me to “make him the happiest guy in the world” and in shock I turned around to an audience and cameras and said “of course!”

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