Mariah and Brian

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up

How We Met

Brian and I met at our mutual friends’ wedding Memorial Day Weekend 2016…we were paired up in their bridal party line-up! A month after the wedding we both were at a pig roast (hosted by the above mentioned bride’s family). After the pig roast a group of us went to a local bar called The Penn Hotel. There, Brian and I ordered the same drink and were on the same side of the shuffle board table. Brian commented on my giggle and how he thought it was “cute” and I totally swooned. We went on our first date 7/25/19 and began officially dating in August 2016.

How They Asked

I am not easily surprised, as I am a total “Nancy Drew” and find everything out – whether I am trying to or not! Brian was determined to surprise me, and began planning a trick-or-treat proposal. With an accidental slip of some information and other clues I picked up on, he was figured out. I gabbed to all my friends out of excitement, one of which was the bride from the wedding where we were paired up at. She told her husband, and he told Brian, and it was back to the “How can I totally trick/surprise Mariah” drawing board.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up

We had purchased tickets for us and two of our friends to go to the Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop in NYC for my birthday which ended up being the base of his plan. He purchased the ring and all he had to do was wait. For almost 2 whole months all he heard me talk about was all of the different photo ops and props that would be at the pop up – my favorite and most anticipated being the turkey head (replica of the turkey head from “The One With All The Thanksgivings” when Monica wears it to cheer up Chandler and he lets an “I love you!” slip out). With this information, his plan started to form.

We got to the pop-up on 10/5/19 in the afternoon and waited patiently outside of the doors to the exhibit. I excused myself to use the restroom and the ring swap occurred between Brian and our friend. I came out and was still totally clueless to what was about to happen! We entered the exhibit, took our pic on the couch in front of the fountain, pivoted with Ross’ couch in the stairwell, and peeked our heads in Monica’s apartment door. Then came the turkey…I went first with the understanding that my friend would be taking a boomerang while I did the “Monica shimmy” (just like in the episode). The turkey got placed on my head, and Brian got down on one knee. He waited (patiently) as I shimmed and laughed – I couldn’t hear a thing….because I had my head in a turkey! I took the turkey off and saw Brian, on one knee, smiling up at me. I immediately crumpled, dropping the turkey, from surprise and excitement. Brian began to tear up and was able to get out “Will you marry me?” and I continued to sob and violently shake my head YES. I felt like we were inside an episode of Friends and it was magical!

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