Mariah and Andrew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florence, Oregon

How We Met

Let me start off by saying this is not a classy story of me… I met Andrew at Taylor’s on my 21st birthday. My coworkers took me out for $1 beers (super classy) and of course birthday shots. I was feeling pretty good. My coworker Tess introduced us. Later that evening my coworkers were getting ready to call it a night. But I wanted to stay out longer.

Andrew asked if I wanted to go with him and his friend to another bar. On the way to the bar, I looked over at him and as he would say “ate his face”. Later I found out Andrew and I work at the same pool! He had noticed me months before my birthday. My coworker Tess helped set us up by telling him we were going out for my birthday. We started dating almost exactly a week after we met. He took me on my first real date. Picked me up with flowers in hand and drove me to a fancy dinner. I date we still talk about to this day.

Mariah's Proposal in Florence, Oregon

How They Asked

Saturday, April 6th we headed out to Florence for the night. We planned to get dinner and then go to the Three Rivers Casino for some gambling. We got to Florence around 5 and checked in at the Landmark Inn.

Andrew was in charge of finding a restaurant for dinner and in classic Andrew fashion it was last minute looking through the restaurant options I sent him a week in advance. He decided on Waterfront Depot a place neither one of us have been too and it was 2 minutes from where we were staying. It’s a quaint little restaurant right on the waterfront. We walk in and the hostess asks if we had a reservation which we did not. It was just by happenstance they had a table for 2 reservations that was a no show, so we were seated immediately. We ordered a drink, cheese plate (MY FAVORITE APP) and dinner. After dinner, Andrew started his perfect speech slowly reaching behind him into his coat pocket. He got up and walked over next to me, got down on one knee and asked “Mariah Lea Brown, will you marry me?” I don’t even remember saying yes… (I know I did because I asked him afterward.) The restaurant gave us complimentary glasses of champagne to toast with. So many happy tears started streaming down my face.

He didn’t tell either of our families he was going to propose. I couldn’t wait to tell my 11-year-old sister. Andrew and I getting married is something she had made very clear she wanted.

Next stop was the casino, Andrew opened every door for me each time saying “after you Fiancè.” I couldn’t stop smiling. We went to the cashier window to change cash in for chips and the cashier commented on my nails. Andrew then asked, “How about the ring?” She looked a little confused I then explained we had just gotten engaged. The cashier was so excited and announced it on the PA system to the whole casino! I could have not dreamed of a better proposal and evening to follow.

Special Thanks

Mecca R
 | Photographer