Mariachi Band Surprises Birthday Girl

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Our story started a few years ago when I had an outing with friends and coworkers to celebrate my birthday. I met Jessica through a co-worker, which is how I got her phone number the next day, with Jessica’s permission of course. We dated for 3 years when one day it hit me; “I’m going to ask her to marry me.”

She mentioned the style of ring she liked when seeing our friends ring so I took mental notes. So I shopped and after a week, found the perfect one.

Now that I had the ring, the next step was how I will ask.

I knew she wanted to have her family there so that helped plan it. Her house has a balcony from her parents room so I knew I had to use that. I decided on her birthday I will serenade her with mariachi and have our close friends and family there so I notified everyone of my plan and details. The rest of the story is illustrated in our video created by ModestReaction.

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Videographer: Modest Reaction // Photographer: Rain Santiago