Maria and Ralf

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After being in university together for 4 years together we once met while clubbing we had a common friend and he came to say Hi and said he knew me however a year passed and then at the gala dinner of our graduation he came and talked to me and at the aftergrad party he spent the whole time with me and asked for my number.

After 2 years and a half together he came on January 17th , woke me up and got for me breakfast and then he told me we’re going to the mountains to spend the day at the slopes for my birthday to ski and do snowmobile. When we arrived we went on snowmobile up to a point where he had a set lunch table with a waiter and photographer and and decorated the snow with pics of us and petals . After lunch he insisted that we continue our snowmobile trip where we went to a place he had a big banner with Will you Marry Me Maria , Petals and Champagne.

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