Maria and Yascarlo

Image 1 of Maria and Yascarlo

How We Met

Yascarlo and I first met Senior year of high school when he came up to my lunch table to “ask for help coming up with adjectives that to describe him for a class project” I say this in quotes as it was an excuse to come talk to me. We became instant friends with him joining our table every day thereafter. During my high school years, I was not looking to date which resulted in us being in the friend zone. However, this did not push him away. After college, we drifted apart but on our 10th-year high school reunion, which was canceled, we got in contact with each other and planned to meet. It was like we had never drifted, our connection was just as it had been back in high school except, that now we were both ready to take it to the next level.

how they asked

After 3 years dating and many conversations about reaching other goals before marriage, the furthest thing from my mind was that he would propose. Which is why it was a complete surprise when he finally asked the question. One week before he proposed, he had told me we were invited to have dinner with his boss in NYC and that since we were going to be in the city we should dress nice and plan to go out afterward. The day of the “dinner” he picked me up late and was rushing the whole time there which is why I found it strange when he decided he wanted to get out caricature drawn by a street artist. At first, I refused to waste time but after a few seconds I was like “why not”.

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As we were sitting there waiting for the artist to finish I started to get a strange feeling that something was up, however, “proposal” was the furthest from my mind, that was until the artist told me to stand up and turn around because he wanted to surprise us with the finished portrait. When he told me I could turn and see, I turned to find Yascarlo down on one knee holding out a ring and asking if would accept to become his wife and of course I said YES with tears rolling down my face.

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As we were there hugging and kissing I open my eyes and look towards the restaurant we were in front of to see his and my entire family and our closest friends. To make the moment more memorable the artist had actually prepared a framed portrait of us and him once again popping the question. It was perfect!

Image 4 of Maria and Yascarlo