Maria and Will

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how we met

Will and I met at work, but we actually went to high school together. He will say he “loved me from afar” in a science class we supposedly had together, but in reality we didn’t meet until we ended up working together. We had the same odd shift, nights and weekends. Will used to visit his friends, who sat near my desk quite frequently.

He used to do this thing where he’d enter my passcode wrong into my phone enough times that it would lock me out for a half hour at a time. If anyone else would have done that, I would’ve killed them! Although I pretended I was annoyed, I secretly liked the uninterrupted time to chat with him.

Sometimes a group of us would go out after work, but one day Will asked me to hang out with him and some mutual friends on our day off. We ended up forgetting to invite anyone else and we spent the day just me and him. He’s made me laugh and smile everyday since then.

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how they asked

One Saturday, we invited two of our friends from Boston to spend the day in Portsmouth with us. Will left to “get a haircut” (he was actually scoping out the lighting and location for the proposal.) I was so angry with him because our friends were due to get to our apartment any minute and he still wasn’t back! Finally, he returned at the same time our friends arrived. We drove into Portsmouth and decided to walk around a little before lunch. Our first stop was Prescott Park, a botanical garden in downtown.

I’m a winter baby, which means while everyone else is complaining about the inconvenience of the snow in New England, I’m secretly loving every flake. This year we only had one snowstorm, and this day happened to be the day after. It was that kind of day that the sun was shining bright and turning the snow to a bright sparkle. Our friends hung back, and we walked into the park together. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him surrounded by beautiful, glistening snow-covered tree tops.

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We are so lucky it snowed the day prior! My best friend, wedding photographer Kristen Phelps, was hiding out in an alley to snap some gorgeous pics!

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Afterward, my whole family surprised us at the restaurant! Kristen had the photos ready on a slideshow, so everyone got to enjoy them! Lots of tears, lots of champagne… The whole day is really a blur. Luckily I have a dazzling ring, these fabulous pictures and a handsome fiancé as souvenirs to that beautiful day that I’ll always cherish!

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