Maria and Vito

How We Met

We met in 2008 in high school and started off as “best friends”. Fast forward three years and our bond grew closer and we developed a small crush on each other. Both nervous to “ruin the friendship”, it took quite some time to reveal our feelings to each other (we even went to prom together in 2011 as “friends”).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in La Masseria, NYC

About six months after prom, we finally took a chance on each other and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. December 12, 2011, he took me to Central Park for a stroll and his family restaurant (La Masseria, NYC) for a romantic dinner, which officially marked the beginning of our relationship. Every year for our anniversary we get dressed up and attend a show, play, or concert followed by a fancy, romantic dinner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in La Masseria, NYC

How They Asked

This year for our seven year anniversary, one of our favorite Italian singers, Andrea Bocelli, was in town. We began our date by dining at Masseria Dei Vini, NYC. He told me he wanted to go to his family restaurant after the concert because he had an inside scoop that “Andrea Bocelli would be there”. I was hesitant because I had to be up extremely early for work the next morning, however, I decided to go. We walked into the restaurant & the manager told us he’d show us to our table. At one point, the manager disappeared and I was led up the stairs to a balcony in the restaurant.

Maria and Vito's Engagement in La Masseria, NYC

Maria's Proposal in La Masseria, NYC

My heart instantly dropped when I saw a heart made of roses on the floor and a table decorated with dozens of roses, cake, and champagne. A couple of minutes after the proposal my family and a few friends made a guest appearance. To say I was speechless was an understatement. I can’t wait to marry my best friend and soulmate!

Special Thanks

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