Maria and Victor

How we met: Victor and I met at a mutual friend’s gathering. We are the true definition of “opposites attract”. My dislikes are his likes and vice versa. Our differences are even physical. He stands at 6’3” and I am only 5’1”. The night we met, we did not speak much. In fact, our conversation was very random. I mentioned to him and his friend about this crazy car I had parked behind of. As the night went on, we parted ways. Once I was ready to leave, I realized aImage 1 of Maria and Victornote on my windshield. It turned out the car I was talking about was his! I decided not to call him; after all I did not feel we had anything in common. He eventually found me on social media. After very long conversions, and more 4 years of dating he proposed. One year later, we married. I could not be more ecstatic about our life together.

how they asked: My sister got engaged on New Year’s Day, and I could help but wonder when my time would come. Valentine’s Day rolled by and nothing. For the many years that we had been together, we always had Disneyland passes. So going to Disneyland was not big deal. We decided to go the day after Valentine’s Day (Friday). Early that day, we had spent the day looking at bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding. When we arrived at Disneyland, we ate dinner. Most of his family met us there. Also, unusual because they also had Disneyland passes as well. He decided that we should get a cartoon drawing of us. I thought it was a little weird but sure why not! The drawing itself took 30 mins or more. As people gather around the artist, I started to wonder why so many people were sticking around to watch. I thought “Maybe our artiest is that good!?” Next thing you know, the artist showed us the drawing, people are cheering, and he is on one knee. Everything happened so fast, I was shocked! I was truly at the Happy Place on Earth!

Image 2 of Maria and Victor

Image 3 of Maria and Victor

We were engaged for a year then had an amazing wedding at Dodger Stadium.

Like a little girl’s dream come true I got engaged at Disneyland, and like a little boy’s all time dream he got married on home plate.

Image 4 of Maria and Victor