Maria and Usman

How We Met

Maria and I were set up by a mutual friend who thought we would get along. I was given her number and encouraged to drop her a whats’app message. I was pretty nervous sending that first message but thankfully it turned out well and we set up our first date at Starbucks a few days later!

how they asked

On the day of the proposal I told Maria I had booked us a nice dinner at a new restaurant in Central London. I told her from the word go that we couldn’t be late but in true Maria style she spent a while getting ready and before I knew it we were running an hour behind schedule! Maria couldn’t understand why I was getting so uptight about a ‘dinner reservation’ but she had no idea that I had proposal planners (The fabulous ‘One Romance’) waiting at the proposal location for us to arrive.

Wehn we go there we were led outside and shown to a beautiful temporary ‘chalet’ which had been put up in the gardens of the restaurant. Maria had no idea that I had actually arrange this especially for her and when we stepped inside the first thing she did was scream! Why? Because she suddenly noticed the the whole chalet had photos of the two of us hung everywhere! As she looked around, the then stopped some beautiful origami scenes (which our Proposal Planners had created for us) which had messages attached. They were all of the ‘whats’app’ conversations that Maria and I had ever had – starting with that first one when I first asked her out!

There were also two starbucks cups with our names on it as this was symbolic of our first date at the coffee shop. Maria then spotted a jar on the centre of the table which had ‘reasons I love you’ written on it. Inside were hundreds of reasons why I have fallen for her over the years.

Then the moment came…I led her to the centre of the room and got down on one knee. Thankfully she said YES!!

Suddenly she heard music and the final surprise arrived. I had hired a famous Pakistani singer (who Maria had seen singing at a friends wedding and loved!) and he cam etc serenade up whilst we eat our meal and celebrated.

It was without doubt, the best day of my life.

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