Maria and Tyler

How We Met

As a single mother my time since my son was born was very limited, so meeting someone I could really connect to was a very difficult thing to do, which is when I decided to get on Tinder to start getting back on the dating game. Around when my son was 4 months old I met Tyler. To be completely honest, while I was talking to him on tinder I didn’t get the best first impression of him and didn’t actually consider him someone I would ever see myself with, but after a date with another man gone wrong, I decided to give him a chance. On May 1st we decided to meet, he came to pick me up and as soon as I got in the car and saw this long haired man in a bun with green blue eyes and a perfect white smile, I instantly could feel my heart speed up and my attraction towards him stronger than I had ever felt before, needless to say that the whole way there was a blur, but as soon as we got out of the car I will always remember how his face lit up as he really got to see me for the first time and reflected there was the same powerful attraction that had me feeling like this was something that was gonna change my life forever.

We ended up going to a square in Denton, Texas, where once a year they play movies outside under these beautitul lit trees while all sorts of people bring blankets and food and share this moment together. Throughout the movie we talked, held hands and looked at each other continuously, after that we grabbed a slice of pizza and went back to my house, where we laid in my driveway looking up at the starts and talked all night. That night I fell in love with the man of my life, and by the end of the weekend he met my son and my parents for the first time. Watching him sweetly hold my son that day was the moment I could feel with certainty that I had finally met the man the I would marry and ever since then our relationship has been filled with many beautiful and hard moments, we have traveled, fought, laughed, and discovered many things together, but mostly we have had to learn to grow as a new couple while also becoming a family all at once. The most beautiful thing about Tyler though is that he has loved me and my son and embraced us all as one and as his, and I couldn’t be happier that I found the father and the man I was looking for to complete my little family.

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how they asked

Tyler and I have always loved New York City, and always vowed to go there together one day. So a week before my son turned one we planned to take our first vacation just the two of us. We went to New York during the Holiday season for a long weekend and planned a series of places we wanted to visit in the city, Tyler however insisted that we had to go to the Hudson River at sunset because there was a pier there that was incredibly romantic. We had already seen the Hudson river so I wasn’t as excited to go there again as there were more places we hadn’t been to that I believed we should go see, but his intense desire to go there had me intrigued. After having the most incredible day visiting Central Park, Ground Zero, and eating at an oyster place by the ocean overlooking the Statute of Liberty, we rushed to the subway to go to the Hudson River so we could make it there by sunset. Once we walked down to the pier and the most beautiful blood orange Sunset I had ever seen was displayed between the river, the park and the city. At that moment Tyler thought it was a great idea to ask someone to take a picture of us by the pier.


As we stood there taking a couple of pictures, I noticed Tyler grew a bit nervous and asked if we could take another one holding hands and looking out at the lake.

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So we stood there holding hands to take the photograph, and at that moment Tyler started to turn towards me and took out a small Tiffany’s bag from the inside of his coat and said “I got you an early Christmas present that I believe we both have been wanting ever since we met”

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He got down on one knee and said my complete name while his voice cracked from trying not to cry. After putting the ring on we held each other and kissed till we stopped crying from the emotion of that moment. It was the single most romantic moment of my life, after that we went to skate in the park and had a really sweet celebratory dinner together.