Maria and Raul

How We Met:Raul and I met two years ago on May 22nd, 2013 at a local wine bar in Austin Texas. I immediately noticed his amazing smile and our ability to carry on a conversation until early morning (on a work night I might add). We soon found out that we were both born on the same day and year — he was just a few hours older than me. We made so many memories in such a short time and I just knew he was the one!!

how they asked: On March 8th, 2015 Raul drove us to our favorite movie theater called the Alamo Drafthouse to see West Side Story. He told me I needed to dress nice for his sisters concert immediately after (how sneaky). We walked into the theater and the movie didn’t appear to be playing but as we approached theater 8, it was in fact showing. Haha.

Image 4 of Maria and Raul

He excused himself to the restroom. A few minutes later the room went black (I heard the clicking of heels) and pictures of us started showing up on the screen throughout the time we had been dating as a violinist began to play in the background. At the end of the presentation, it said, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” He came into the room and got down on one knee.

Image 1 of Maria and Raul

I SAID YES! Little did I know that our friends and family were waiting in the hallway…including my mom which he flew in from Indiana to share in the occasion.

Image 2 of Maria and Raul

Such an amazing surprise. Ahhhh. I got a good one!!

Image 3 of Maria and Raul