Maria and Omark

How We Met

Omark and I met in Puerto Rico on a hiking adventure. We both love road trips, hikes, and adventure in our Island. From that day we became good friends and collaborated together in a few photography and brand projects. After a long time of being just friends and partners, he asked me out. I was surprised, but now here we are.

How They Asked

We have very few photos together as a couple. Omark is a typical photographer (always behind the camera and hates to be photographed), so I suggested to do an adventure photo shoot with a local photographer during our vacations in Banff. This way we would have our first photos together doing what we love and he would enjoy the hike. Not stressing about the camera, or taking the perfect shot.

Proposal Ideas Moraine Lake, Canada

He liked the idea, but let me in charge of the planning with the photographer and other details. He doesn’t like to be in photos and told me he doesn’t know how to pose lol. But this time he was practicing poses and faces with photos he looked up on Pinterest (in the end he forgot about everything he looked up and did his own thing). All this time I thought I was in charge of this shooting, planning everything, but he had his own plans.

Where to Propose in Moraine Lake, Canada

Our Video

Special Thanks

Megan Jolie
 | Photographer