Maria and Nick

How We Met

We met our freshman year of college. We lived on the same floor at opposite ends but the first few weeks we were both quieter and didn’t come out of our rooms to hang out in the dorm much, so we didn’t even know we lived on the same floor! We were both in the Honors program and he was supposed to have a class with me but it wasn’t on his schedule, so he didn’t know he was supposed to be there until a few weeks in. I remember being confused when he showed up. Eventually, we both started hanging out in our dorm’s study room and got to know each other just from staying up so late. I remember we first really started talking to each other because he was helping me study for biology.

How They Asked

He threw together a proposal in a weekend: got the ring, asked my parents, told our friends, & asked my sister to be there. But I was very sick, & we weren’t sure what was wrong. I thought it was something I had before but it kept getting worse. So he was going to postpone it a week & I finally went to the doctor, it was nothing serious & they gave me meds that worked so fast that I felt mostly better by the time he had originally planned! So the plan was back on, & my sister scrambled to get a cake & champagne to bring to the engagement.

Proposal Ideas The Game Room at our college

His sister went to school with us & his other sister was coming up because she was bummed she lost her final high school semi-championship soccer game. They wanted to go to dinner but Nick couldn’t go because he was “meeting with his group for their presentation the next day.” My friend had texted me earlier in the day that she needed help with her nursing paper formatting & I told her I’d come help in the campus Game Room where she worked (& I used to work) after dinner.

On the way back from dinner she told me that Nick was helping her with the content (he’s a nursing major), but he isn’t an English guy so she needed my help still. So his sisters & I were going to the Game Room when we got back. As soon as I got there I noticed he was dressed up which he RARELY is so I immediately asked: “Why are you dressed up?” But as I was saying it I realized what was happening. He stood up, pulled me aside, & got down on his knee.

My immediate reaction was “It’s so pretty!” (it had been his grandma’s diamond) then I said “you have to put it on” because I almost did it myself! And I realized he did it there because that’s where he asked me on our (second) first date. After hugging him & realizing my friend & his sisters were in on it, & my sister was there taking pictures, all of our friends popped out from behind a curtain! I was so surprised & excited that they were all there, & I didn’t suspect a thing!