Maria and Nhel

How We Met

I had seen Nhel out before. I asked one of my friends if he was single. He said that he was and he would arrange for us all to hang out. We hung out one night and have been inseparable ever since. This September will be 8 years.

how they asked

Saturday, February 13, 2016 I had a hair appointment. It was like any other normal day. I left the house and was at the salon for a while. He kept asking me when I was coming home so I was rushing to get out of there and actually left the salon with wet hair. When I got home, Nhel opened the door and the entire condo was FULL of rose petals.

the rose petals

I mean, they were everywhere! Bedroom, kitchen, living room. All over the place. He cleaned everything off the tables and he had all these candles lit. There was custom cupcakes on the coffee table and one of them said my name.


He lets me take it all in and then led me through it all. Once I had seen all the cuteness (which I figured was just for Valentine’s Day, which was the next day), he says he has one more cupcake. I’m all excited and he grabs the last one, gets down on one knee and presents me with a cupcake that had a HUGE fake diamond ring on it. In my excitement, I didn’t even notice it was fake, and thought the ring was somewhere inside the cupcake. HAHA!! But, he knew I would want to pick out my own ring, so he proposed with a cupcake, which I love. It was the most perfect day. We went and picked out my ring. I got it twelve days later and then told our family and friends after enjoying the first days as a newly engaged couple.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Condo

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