Maria and Nathan

Image 1 of Maria and Nathan

How We Met

I was invited to a sorority Halloween date party and I was hiding from people and I went to the living room where there was a dog, and it turned out to be his dog and we started talking and spent most of the party hanging out with him and his adorable pup. ❤️

How They Asked

I grew up in Guatemala so my first language is Spanish. My parents are divorced so he asked my mom and my stepdad for their blessing in July and then my dad and stepmom at the end of July. He had a whole thing planned with my sisters and my mom to ask me after my pinning ceremony (I went to nursing school). My pinning ceremony ended up getting canceled because of COVID so he proposed during the dinner we had planned. I was ready to cancel everything since I knew nothing about it and my family is from out of state so he wouldn’t let me cancel. We ended up going to dinner and my sister (my maid of honor ❤️) helped him translate what he wanted to say into Spanish. I have the paper where he wrote what to say and how to pronounce it. His family and my family were there and it was perfect 💕. I couldn’t have gotten a better guy.