Maria and Mitchell

Image 1 of Maria and Mitchell

How We Met

I sat next to my best friend Monday morning April 7, 2014 going on about “how I needed a date for prom for pictures only.” A tall, handsome guy walks up to me and starts making small talk. Next thing I know, he asks me to go to prom with him. After making sure he’s taller than me, I say yes. He sticks out his hand and introduces himself as Mitchell. I wipe off my sweaty hands and tell him I’m Maria. That’s was our first conversation. Two days later I walk into class and there is paper confetti with “prom” written on it, chocolate at my desk, “prom?” on the board and Mitchell standing at the front and says “I figured you should be asked the right way.” 2,077 days later, he popped the biggest & best question ever, my answer was YES again.

How They Asked

I am so in love with Christmas time it’s not even funny. Christmas lights, Christmas music, the magical feeling in the air, all of it. He told me he had a surprise for me on December 14, 2019. When the morning of the 14th came, his family told me the surprise was Christmas lights inside this building in downtown Raleigh. What fun & how exciting! I was a little let down it wasn’t a proposal, but he did make it VERY clear it wasn’t happening in 2019. So we get in the car to go see these lights. When we get there we walk by this beautiful, huge Christmas tree. I make sure he knows I want a pic in front of it. We walk in and find our seats, turns out it’s a Christmas play! I hadn’t been to one of those in so long, it brought back childhood memories. I was so completely surprised. Intermission came and we went to take a picture out in front of that beautiful Christmas tree. I turn to the side and look back and ask Mitchell what he’s doing because he’s digging in his pocket. Next thing I know, he’s on one knee and all he can get out is “you know I love you baby” before I fall into his arms. I could not have been more surprised.
I cannot imagine anyone better fit for me than Mitchell. We have been through SO much, it’s not even funny. I’d love to share more of our story, I promise you won’t be disappointed! 💛