Maria and Mike

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lebanon

How We Met

Towards the end of May 2018, I ran into a friend at the mall which I have known for about 8 years and who I gym with almost everyday! Mike came over to call him, and that was how I met him for the first time. A few days later, I see him at my best friends house who I have known practically my entire life. It turns out they went to school together, and they haven’t seen each other in a while! That day, we exchanged social media accounts, talked a little, and I left since I had a wedding to attend! Plus, I found him kinda annoying that day. Obviously not knowing I would fall in love with him 2 months later! Then, June passed, we would reply to each other’s stories here and there. In July, I went to spend a whole month in Ohio, in which we did not contact each other at all. Mid August, Mike posted a story of his dog, which I replied too, and where everything started!

How They Asked

It was my 24th birthday, and I was supposed to have a party on Sunday, October 20! Mike worked super hard to make sure everything was perfect from my dress to the cake to the balloons and location of the party! However, Everyone in Lebanon started a Revolution against our government on Thursday night. Everything closed on Friday throughout the weekend, and the week after! The place the party was supposed to take place ended up closing. I felt like the best decision would be was to postpone or cancel the party! However, Mike just wouldn’t accept! He decided to keep the party, but have it at my house! A few of my friends were able to show up, my family, and his family were both present! (Which made it even more perfect!)
Soon after they sang happy birthday and I cut the cake, Mike turns down the music and says that he has a surprise. Seconds later, I see mike on one knee asking me to marry him! I was so surprised I couldn’t even answer!
It was absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Proposal Ideas Lebanon

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