Maria and Miguel

How We Met

Miguel and I first met 5 years ago in the ER. We are both doctors (so don’t think anything dramatic), at that time he was a resident in urology and I was and an intern. At first I made myself believed that nothing was happening between us and that we were just friends. But everybody could see that Miguel was hitting on me.

When I was on shift, he used to go down to the ER no less than 3 times a day asking if there were any patients for him to check, and then he’d stayed and talked to me while I was doing all my duties for my patients at the ER.

Two months went by and he finally asked me out. For our first date, we went to see Romeo and Juliet perfomed by the Russian ballet. We went out for a while and he even asked me to be his girlfriend twice, before I said yes. (what can I say, at first I wasn´t so sure)

We dated for a year, and then I had to moved to another city to start by residence in ObGyn, when I started he was already done with his residency, so he had to look for a job. He followed me to the city I moved to, and we stayed there for a year, before I had to move again. At that point he already had his private practice and he was working in a public hospital too, so he had to stayed there. The good thing was that we where just 2 hours driving apart. So it wasn´t bad at all.

At the beggining of this year, we had an argument about where we were going to live once I finish my residence, and it became quite an issue for us that we breaked up. It was so awful, caused we knew we loved each other, but for some reason it became a breakpoint and couldn´t handle it. I tried several times to talked to him, but he said he had personal issuess to think about and to solved, before anything more could happen. After 3 months he called me and told me he wanted to see me. He said to me that he had made a mistake and that he wanted to get back together, that I was the most important person to him, and that nothing matter to him if we weren´t together. So he closed his private practice and he moved to the city where I lived.

At first I wasn´t sure about his decision, I tought that at some point he was going to regret it. Eventualy we got back together, it was a little bit difficult at first, because I felt like he had breaked my heart, when he breaked up with me, that I wasn´t sure I wanted to trusted him again. We got back together, an little by little, things started going back to normal, like the good all days.

How They Asked

It was mid-December and Miguel asked me what we were going to do for New Year’s Eve, I told him that I had no plans at all. That if he asked me, we could watch a movie, with a bottle of wine and I would have no problem, in fact, the new year is not such an important date for me.
I kept that idea, we wouldn’t do anything. Even two days before I asked him if we would do something and he said he didn’t know.
On December 30, he was on call and sent me a text message saying that he had made a reservation for dinner in a new year at a hotel in Guanajuato, and that he wanted to celebrate that we were together and very happy. So I said yes and that it was a good reason to celebrate the new year.
The next day he picked me up about 6pm, and we droved for and hour to Guanajuato. We arrived to the hotel, it was such a cute and beautiful little boutique hotel. We got ready for dinner, he suited up, and we went down to the restaurant. We were talking about our day, nothing out of the ordinary, I had no clue what was about to happen.

Everything was super normal, he told me he was going to the restroom, it didn´t rang any bells. While he was not there a waiter, came and put a bottle of champagne next to the table, it was a bit weird but not so much because it was new year and I thought it could be for the toast later.
He came back and we continued talking about stuff. Suddenly a waiter came and gave him a chest and told him that someone had send it to him.
He said it was for me and handed it. I said, for me?? At that point I started realizing what was about to happen. I open it and found 3 roses, and a picture facing down that had written on its back “For a love that lasts a lifetime” I turned the picture and saw him with our two dogs Sunny our golden retriver an Oreo our black lab, holding a message that said Would you marry us?
I looked at him and started crying, and asked him if he was serious….. He hugged me and said of course he was serious. He pulled a blue box from his pocket, and got down on one knee, and asked again would you marry me? Of course I said yes and kissed him. Everybody started clapping and cheering. He putted the ring on my finger, I was so shocked that I couldn´t even see it, I knew there was a ring there, but my eyes couldn´t see it. After we sat down again, and I was laughing nervoulsy, I finally saw the most perfect solitary diamond ring in my finger. It was just what I had dreamed about. And the man of my life had just asked me to marry him. There was not a more perfect way to finish 2019 and the most perfect way to start 2020.

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